My dreams are crashing down around me, my world is caving in.

In everything I try to do, I always hit a dead end.

Just when I think things are going good,

It never turns out, the way it should.

When I am feeling low and need somebody there.

The one person I reach for turns and disappears.

Friends are suppose to be there in your time of need

Not to knock you down, but to pick you up indeed.

I feel like a nobody, like I mean nothing at all.

Why am I here? Lord, just let me fall.

But determined I am, and I don’t know why

I won’t give up, no matter how people try!

Kicking and screaming every step of the way,

“I’m gonna be somebody, I’ll be somebody one day!”

For all who said I couldn’t, surprise, surprise you’ll see

This nobody will become somebody INDEED!!

Author – Destiny Rose