About Delisa

Originally based in beautiful Denison, Texas, we recently moved to Capac, Michigan due to unexpected family health needs. I live with my supportive, best friend and retired husband of ten years, Larry. We have 2 furry babies (cats) Tiger and Lily Star and are settling into our new normal. Moving to Michigan brought us closer to family … my mom, brother, 2 awesome grown children and the sweetest 2 year old bundle of joy that ever held my heart. My life is full of joy, peace and fun and I live it to the fullest. This has not always been the case.

As a preteen, I lived many days and nights with a strong desire to be by myself in quiet. As a teenager, I practically lived in the woods and near the creeks to feel calm because only in nature did I seem normal. In my young adult years, I bounced from job to job and eventually partner to partner full of anger and pain, in an attempt to find satisfaction for my life in new beginnings. I just seemed to always be agitated and furious at the world. I constantly sought nature, trees and lakes to find some glimpse of peace which worked until I stepped back into the real world. I turned to alcohol which would only dull the raging feelings inside me for a few hours, but a few hours were at least some relief.

In my thirties, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. This was great news, so I thought – at least I had a name for the way I felt. I was given pills. When they did not work, they changed my pills or gave me more pills. For many, many years I kept changing pills. Still had anxiety though, which resulted in undesirable social behavior and panic attacks. Finally, I stopped taking the pills and started searching for answers in personal development. Many years later, after taking pieces of each program I bought, each counselor I visited, every medical and holistic doctor I saw, and lots of prayer and spiritual soul searching, I began to heal and control my anxiety.

Today, I can manage my Anxiety Disorder and experience joy, gratitude and peace. My coaching practice is about using my journey with anxiety to give hope, solutions and direction to others who follow this same path of fear, panic attacks and resulting destructive social and coping behavior. Every person has their own success story inside them. There is no one answer. Every person has a different journey and therefore, a different solution. Together, we can find your solution. That’s what coaching is about.

Are you ready? Let’s begin…………………

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